My favorite scene, Doctor Who S8E1, “Deep Breath”

Lots of quotables and great lines, but for my money, nothing as good as Vastra confronting Clara on her reluctance to accept the new Doctor. A heavy-handed commentary by Moffat on the fandom’s reluctance to accept Capaldi no doubt, but still excellent acting by both Neve and Jenna and great to see a scene with three women where each had her own perspective and stuck to it. Keep doing this, Moffat.

The real dialogue is below for those who want it, but here’s what I heard in my head:

Clara: You said renewed. He doesn’t look renewed. He looks… older.
Madame Vastra: You thought he was young?
Clara: He looked young.
Madame Vastra: He looked like your dashing young gentleman friend. Your lover even.
Clara: Shut up.
Madame Vastra: But he is the Doctor. He has walked this universe for centuries untold. He has seen stars fall to dust. You might as well flirt with a mountain range.
Clara: I did not flirt with him.
Madame Vastra: He flirted with you.
Clara: How?
Madame Vastra: He looked young. Who do you think that was for?
Clara: Me?
Madame Vastra: Everyone. I wear a veil as he wore a face.
Clara: For what reason?
Madame Vastra: The oldest reason there is for anything: to be accepted.

Clara: Are you judging me?
Madame Vastra: The Doctor regenerated in your presence. The young man disappeared, the veil lifted. He trusted you. Are you judging him?
Clara: How dare you. How dare you. Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor. Last one of the five good and stoic philosopher.
Madame Vastra: Superlative bass guitarist. The Doctor really knows how to put a band together.
Clara: And the only pin-up I ever had on my wall when I was fifteen. The only one I ever had. I am not sure who you think you’re talking to right now, Madame Vastra, but I have never had the slightest interest in pretty young men. And for the record if there was anybody who could flirt with a mountain man she’s probably standing in front of you right now! Just because my pretty face has turned your head do not assume I am so easily distracted.