The blonde in the new Outlander promo

Lots of speculation on this l’il lady, and who she might be.


I have heard a few theories. It is agreed that the promo is from the first scene of the first episode back, 109, “The Reckoning.”

1. Claire in the sunlight. Most popular in the fandom, people hope that it’s just Claire coming to have the “tearing my guts out” chat seen in the longer preview released this past month. Pros: No other females, low-stress for the OTP. Cons: The woman is blonde, and her hair is straighter than Claire’s. Also, her clothing doesn’t seem to match what Claire is shown wearing later during that talk.

2. The barmaid from “The Exile” graphic novel. For those who don’t know, Diana Gabaldon wrote a graphic novel that told Outlander from Jamie’s POV, along with that of other men. This is a character that features into Jamie’s story rather tragically, although I won’t spoil it here. Pros: Would enrich Jamie’s back story, minimal impact if any to OTP. Cons: No real reason for her to be present in this scene, distracts from Jamie x Claire, and a real bummer, story-wise. Also not directly in Outlander novel.

3. Laoghaire Mackenzie. This is the one I’m currently running with. Ron Moore has said that 109 will be back at Leoch, so this theory makes the most sense with TV timing, which may slightly alter that of the book.  SPOILERS FOR OUTLANDER NOVEL TO FOLLOW AFTER THE JUMP.

If in this version Jamie gets Claire and runs clear back to Leoch still angry, then Claire would be left at Leoch while he presumably goes to think nearby and Laoghaire, hearing he has returned, would then go to meet him and hear about the wedding. This sets up the trap, the trial, the rescue and the subsequent escape to Lallybroch in a timeline that matches other spoilers for the back half of this season. Pros: Fits in with the storyline, propels us towards future events. Cons: Laoghaire, you guys. No one likes to see her mack on Jamie, plus it starts the slide into a lot of bad stuff.

Edited to add an honorable mention. SPOILERS FOR DRAGONFLY IN AMBER. Besides the character from The Exile, fans have also speculated that the blonde could be Annalise, the woman that Jamie explains having loved and fought a duel over in the next book in the series. While it would make sense that he would remember this during a flashback, which this may well be, there are more cons that pros here. Pros: Would be “a” blonde, and make us book nerds feel good. Cons: Annalise was French and brunette. This woman is blonde, and wearing a plaid. It also doesn’t fit the timing and seems like an odd place to stick this particular story, even if the duel is being moved up to Season 1.

I think that’s all the theories for now! Of course we will find out for sure April 4, but isn’t it fun to guess?

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