7 Reasons Jamie Fraser Makes You Reconsider Monogamy

I’m a happily married lady, even if I didn’t marry a
Jamie. Nope, I married more of a Roger, and glad for it, but he’s not likely to
be okay with the idea of bending my vows a wee bit for the sake of one
redheaded Scottish chief-turned-fugitive. Jamie himself would also most
definitely not be on board with this, devoted as he is to Claire, but let’s
play a little imaginary game called “Claire doesn’t exist and my significant
other is a freak.” Not only is it fun but, if you can rationalize like a pro,
it actually starts sounding like a great idea to those of us into both dudes
and the modern relationship theories of one Miss Britney Spears.
Here are seven reasons why:


1.      Tunnel vision.  If you can get Jamie to care for you, it doesn’t matter that your focus is
divided because his would be so wonderfully, deliciously laser-like. Anyone
coming to get a scoop of his ice cream would be repelled by a combination of
innate loyalty and his earnest inability to fathom just how hot he is.

Bonus: THOTs bounce off like bumblebees.

2.      Less downtime. Who hasn’t had to nurse a significant other through a cold that more closely
resembles an agonizing death from consumption? Not an issue with the addition
of a man who will still stab someone with a table leg after having his hand
nailed down.

Bonus: Injured Jamie is frequently shirtless.

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