Welcome to TV Kills Time.

I am still cleaning up around here, but I wanted to post my thoughts about this new venture.

This site is the culmination of a massive amount of time spent being bathed in the light of an LCD screen and talking to myself.I have always loved television. I feel that these shows are our modern fables, and they reveal not only the interests of the people who create them, but the values and culture of the people who watch.

Especially since Outlander premiered, folks encouraged me to start a formal blog that was more user-friendly than my Killing Time Tumblr. I was thrilled when the fine folks at Scotland Now hired me to write for them, but churning out a recap per week (in addition to being a mom and working a full-time gig) was a punishing schedule, and it forced me to make a shorter recap that was a bit more censored at times. I remain proud of the work I did there, but when Season 3 talks came around, we amicably parted ways. I wish everyone there the very best.

On that note, I finally decided “what the hell.” I don’t think I could shut myself up if I tried, so I’m taking a leap of faith and hoping folks follow along. This will be the new home for my Outlander recaps and other pieces on that show as well as an archive of my older Tumblr posts. I also hope to post about other shows I love and yes, maybe even recap a scene or episode if fancy takes me.

So thanks for visiting me. I appreciate every one of you, and I hope to see you around often.



  1. Lisa Currin · August 3, 2017

    I will follow

  2. Pauline L · August 3, 2017

    aaaahhh; your blog is going to sit in a special place on my feedly so I don’t have to go through an entire Tumblr feed of random to find you, by far my favourite Outlander recap person!