Just started watching Arrow, and I have a (lady)bone(r) to pick.

So because I need to ignore my husband and kids even more than I do and I am a comic book nerd at heart, I used part of my vacation to speed through S1 of Arrow with the kind of singlemindedness I usually deploy when in search of pasta. It was a slow build, but at some point near the end of Season 1 I started to really, passionately, aggressively despise seeing Laurel on-screen. No shade to Katie Cassidy, who is a stone cold fox, but jesucristo en un palo, she bores me like she went to pretend law school for it.

Then I discovered Felicity, who IMHO is so kick ass she should get her own show where she just bangs her way through every man on this show and solves crime and says inappropriate shit and blinks, because one blink from Emily Bett Rickards tells me more than an entire Laurel monologue. Frankly, Felicity is a bit too good for Oliver, who so far engages in relationships and coitus the way a blind cat stumbles off a kitchen counter.

In short, fuck you Oliver. Stop wasting my time and bang your computer geek. Felicity, girl, come hang with me.

I’m sure someone’s opinion differs from mine, but you haters can step over here to my left.