My favorite scene, S1 E1, “Sassenach”.

Claire tries to escape. I have no idea why. You would have to pry me from that man’s thighs with a crowbar. Real dialogue below the pics for the die-hards.

Jamie: Lost yer way?

Claire: Hope you haven’t been misusing that shoulder. You’re hurt.

Jamie: This’ll not just be my blood….Not much of it, anyway.

Dougal and the others will be waitin’, further up the stream. We should go.

Claire: I’m NOT going with you.

Jamie: (point his sword at her) Yes ye are.

Claire: What, are you going to cut my throat if I don’t?

Jamie: Why no. But ye don’t look that heavy. If ye won’t walk, I shall pick ye up and throw ye over my shoulder. D’ye want me to do that?

Claire: (tearfully) No.

Jamie: Well then. Suppose that means yer comin’ with me.


Watched the Outlander premiere

And I realize I now have another otp to blog about and nothing will be cooked or washed ever again and my children will forget what I look like and I just don’t care.