10 Times Claire Fraser Sassasmacked the Patriarchy

Everyone loves a man in a kilt, but in my book there is much to be said for an intelligent woman who tells you to stuff it when you shush her. My love affair with Claire Randall Fraser began in the books and Caitriona Balfe’s spirited portrayal only enflamed my lady-crush. At the heart of Outlander’s chronicle of a marriage, this practical healer with knowledge of the future lives in not one, but two time periods when her outspokenness was not the norm.

It is maybe because of this that her agency is a thing of beauty, a unicorn out of time that trots on despite danger, convention and even her own better judgment. The point isn’t whether or not Claire is always right —in fact she is often not— but that this is a woman who trusts herself as her best resource, and that’s a message that is crucial. The greatest love of all, ladies.

Here are ten times Claire leaned in when others may have pushed away:

1. That time she got hers. Remember in the premiere when Claire subjugated her sexuality to her husband’s and resigned her needs to luck and fate? Of course you don’t, because that is not how the Notorious CRF rolls. What Claire needs, she is not scared to insist upon. Dust and creaky beds, you are on notice.

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