Time for a rant!

Every time I see a post on social media criticizing one group or another for its approach to the community, it’s upsetting to see just how many people are left in the world that never outgrew this mindset. To that end, I’ll make a few points, and if they help anyone feel better, great, but it’s really to explain my attitude towards fandom and how I expect to be treated, not a lecture for anyone else.

1. Gratitude. I’m happy that any of the comics or books I loved got made into shows. I don’t expect anything from the creators, and any jokes I make about characters being pointless or dumb are done in humor. I don’t expect fidelity to the source material because I know that there are demands in each medium that are particular to that medium alone.  I’m happy that the creators and actors take time to connect with us when able, and I try not to browbeat them for that communication because I feel that once they have committed that performance to film, the rest is gravy in my eyes. As to fanfic or fan-generated content, it can come when it comes. Thank you for giving me free things I enjoy. Not gonna be demanding about that.

2. Humor. Mine is not universal. I find a lot of things funny that perhaps I shouldn’t, and I do love to curse. I am a broad more so than a lady and if you have preconceived notions of what is acceptable behavior from me because of my reproductive organs, you’re due for disappointment. If you don’t like what I do or find it not funny or offensive, then stop reading now and go to the blog of someone more in tune with your worldview, because I’m pretty set in my ways and life is short.

3. Respect. If you are in the fandom and we disagree, I will do so respectfully and directly to you. If I perceive that disagreement is disrespectful, then I will likely ignore or block you because I don’t have time for trite bull. If you wish to give me advice as to how to behave, please refrain. The responsibility for my behavior is my own, and I ride that pony ALL DAY LONG. I’m all for educated debate, but I’m middle aged and way past where talking smack about another fandom or group or individual makes me feel anything other than emotionally stunted, so I will liberate myself from any situation with those parameters POSTHASTE.

In short, love is love, let’s all get along and of course…

Flea out.